"This is almost the platonic ideal of the Artisan Zine. It could only be the product of an intelligent, well-resourced, careful individual with good taste who took a long time and much research, invention and playtesting to produce it. It's particular, from its dungeon treasures all the way to the paper chosen and folded by hand to make it. Even the form and the way the paper is arranged is an elegant arrangement of information and aesthetics that could only be made easily by one mind who both comprehended and *physically created* the whole thing as one."

Patrick Stuart, False Machine

"This forty page 'zine' contains a thirty page dungeon and the supporting monsters, spells, etc. Lush, rich prose, the ruins of a decadent empire, and heavy opium clouds bring the OD&D HARD. Digest format is as digest format does. It's good...The descriptions are lush and rich with great imagery...Which is exactly what I'm looking for. I want to be excited. Ben jabbed an idea into my head and I can fill in the rest effortlessly because of his ability to communicate the seed to me, the DM."

Bryce Lynch, Ten Foot Pole

"The city of Zyan feels like something out of Clark Ashton Smith, Lord Dunsany, William Hope Hodgson, or even H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands. There's a lush--even cruel--decadence to the place, described in a surreal, almost psychedelic way. Laurence's writing is remarkably effective in establishing a mood and I often found myself luxuriating in the prose. That's a rare thing in game writing, particularly when it comes to detailing what is, when all is said and done, a dungeon...It's a truly wonderful book and I cannot recommend Through Ultan's Door Enough."

James Maliszewski, Grognardia 

"This book is gorgeous...It really does look like something that could have come from beyond the veil of sleep as advertised...On ease of use, the book bends over backward to help you use it as easily as possible...As for creativity, this is a dazzingly original book. The idea of exploring a dreamscape is not new but the nature of this particular setting is incredibly creative."

Michael Kennedy, Sheep and Sorcery

"This is a thing of quality. It is also a thing I will use...What I like are things that are beautiful but not naive, honest instead of being caricatures, aware of the darkness, but also aware that not everything is secretly dark. Through Ultan's Door concerns itself with Zyan, the cursed city of the dreamlands, the flying pearl of Wishery and it is a place I very much like."

Anthony Huso, The Blue Bard

"This is a lethal little creation that runs into the warped reaches of the authors mind...This isn't the dreamlands of HP Lovecraft, although it could be; instead this is an acid-trip combination of William Hope Hodgson's influence mixed with a hash fueled round of Lord Dunsany trapped in the madness of Edgar Allen Poe's dream cycle. The artwork is top notch..."

Eric Fabiaschi, Swords and Stitchery

"Go buy this zine. Really. Just go buy a copy. Reading it is a far better use of your time than reading the reviews that talk about it. Buy it, read it, use it, or collect it; whatever you decide to do with it, this is great stuff." 

J. Garrison, Hereticwerks